Kate's Story

"Kate, our daughter, is deaf and severely intellectually disabled. She is in the Intermediate Care Facility on Jackson St. where she gets 24/7 care."

"This was driven home to me just this last week. Her bus driver had commented that Kate was just a bit out of sorts. The CRi staff agreed and also noted she was not eating much – nothing very strange but a bit odd. 

They decided not to take any chances and took her to the Emergency Room at the hospital. An MRI showed that she had an inflamed appendix. They operated successfully that same night. Later, the doctor at the hospital informed us that Kate’s caretakers had made a “good call” in noting and acting on the situation immediately. Not only that, but CRi staff continued to closely monitor and sit with her over the next few days, way beyond what we would hope for. This is CRi." 

                        - Kate's Mom

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