Grace's Story

“I became interested in CRi when my dad spoke to me about the mission & purpose of the organization this past Spring, but I got really involved with CRi by accepting a summer internship here,” states Grace George.

 A rising Sophomore at the University of Virginia, Grace spent her summer learning the ins & outs of CRi as an intern on the Philanthropy Team. Heavily involved in the implementation of the EmbRACE 5K, CRi’s foundation database-cleanup, donor recognition efforts & volunteer projects, Grace has had her hands full experiencing, first-hand, how nonprofit organizations engage with the local community.

“By being a part of the CRi family, I have learned to value independence,” she states. 

“I have met incredible individuals who are all full of joy & passion. Grace tells CRi that this summer she has seen people who care so deeply about bettering the world, that she really has learned the true value in the mission. “I know that our mission matters,” says Grace, “because it allows people to love to the fullest-extent of their humanity & dignity. Everyone deserves to live an independent & safe life.” 

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