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Volunteer opportunities for Individuals Groups & Partnerships

Adopt A Home - Holiday Edition

- In-person opportunity - Great for 8 year olds and up. Parental supervision required - All skill levels. - Great for groups and individuals

Volunteers are needed to help spice up the daily COVID routine of both residents and staff by decorating the exterior of a CRi home for the holiday of the month: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Winter Solstice/Christmas. Decorations can be homemade or purchased, more the better; we just ask that they are able to withstand the weather for the duration of the holiday month and are not specific to any religious celebration to respect the individual believes of the residents. While third parties are not allowed inside the homes, decorations can be made and given to staff to hang indoors at a later date.

Decorations can be as simple or as complext as you would like. But regardless of what you choose to do, you are making a world of difference for residents and staff.

CRi has homes in Richmond, Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William Counties.

For more information and to express interest, please email Janet Davison at jdavison@mycri.org.

Holiday Project: Custom Baseball Caps

- Remote opportunity - Great for 12 year olds and up. Parental supervision required - All skill levels. - Great for groups and individuals

Do you have baseball caps around your house? Help provide a customized gift for an individual this holiday season! Decorate the caps with your favorite animals, hobbies, sports teams, foods, etc. Baseball caps are a versatile canvas that can be decorated using pins, patches, puffy paint, markers, etc. Individuals can wear the caps or hang them as decoration in their rooms.

Click here for full Custom Baseball Cap project instructions

I Spy Bags

- Remote opportunity - Great for 7 year olds and up. Parental supervision required - All skill levels. - Great for groups and individuals

Help provide developmental tools to residents with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I Spy Bags are a versatile sensory tool that residents can use to help engage and challenge them. I Spy Bags can be a tool to help individuals work on their cognition, communication, comprehension, focus, and fine motor skills.

Click here for full I Spy Bag project instructions

Kindness Cards

- Remote opportunity - Great for all ages - Great for all skills - Great for groups and individuals

COVID has impacted both our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and residents in ways we could have never imagined. Staff are diligently working around the clock to keep residents safe, some of whom are our community’s most vulnerable, and are working hard to help individuals learn and grow with limited resources. CRi has over 500 staff supporting over 300 residents within our group homes and 600 more within the community. Please consider sending some love to our residents and front line workers to let them know that, though apart, we are still one community.

Click here for full Kindness Card project instructions

Recreation Therapy Assistants

- In-person outdoor opportunity - Great for 12yo and up - Great for all skills - Great for individuals and groups

CRi’s Recreation Therapy team puts together a calendar of activities that with different focus areas such as gross or fine motor skills, multisensory, or stress management. The activities seem like games, but really they are designed to help individuals practice control of their bodies and exercise their brains when it comes to everyday activities like doing laundry or emptying the dishwasher. A few examples of the projects are one minute movement exercise, tossing bean bags into buckets, or blowing bubbles.

Volunteers would be an extra pair of hands to walk individuals through the projects – like a teacher’s assistant to staff. They would be able to provide residents with more one on one attention and offer an extra level of fun and companionship as they go through the project.

Click here for full Recreation Therapy Assistants project instructions

Ongoing Opportunities

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