Perry's Story

"My stepson has been a resident of the group home on Jackson Street in Arlington for about 15 months. I have been tremendously impressed with the concern that the staff shows for him. It is just not a question of food and shelter. They care for him personally, take an interest in his progress, attend special meetings to help him progress, etc...

CRi played an active role in helping him find "employment" after he finished his time in the Arlington public school system. I feel they do far more than is required to see that he has a good and happy home environment. 

I am thankful & grateful for CRi because they take such good care of my step-son. I couldn't imagine him being anywhere else. The simple fact that I know he is always safe is enough to allow me to sleep peacefully at night. What a great group of folks." 

                           - Perry, CRi Family Member

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