Emmanuel's Story

Emmanuel spent the first part of his life in a 1-to-1 ration, rarely leaving the house. The first thing he said when he arrived at CRi was "I want friends." He never had any before...

Emmanuel spent the first portion of his life with a caregiver, in a 1-to-1 ratio. Rarely leaving the house to interact in the community, he found himself frustrated & unable to connect. Then his family found CRi. The first thing Emmanuel said when he arrived at the Newbrook Loudoun Day Program was “I want friends.” He never had any before.

From that day on, caring staff saw to it that Emanuel always felt supported & heard, & they focused on helping him to build relationships & engage with his peers. Today, Emmanuel spends his time at Newbrook singing, laughing, & creating action figures & other artwork for his new group of friends. Thanks to CRi’s supportive team, he has never felt so respected or included.

His family has noticed a 180 degree turnaround in his social interaction at home, as well. He now initiates conversation more often, has become a self-advocate & has started verbally expressing his love for his family & friends, as well. The relief that his family feels is immeasurable, as they know that their son has the best possible care in an inclusive & nurturing environment. It doesn't hurt that Emmanuel loves to go to Newbrook each day. The smile plastered across his face each time anyone walks through the door definitely reflects how much he enjoys his new environment.

This is CRi.

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