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Steampunk Supports CRi!

In the world of making a difference, some collaborations stand out for their dedication to addressing crucial challenges & driving transformative change. We're thrilled to shine the spotlight on our valued partners at Steampunk Inc., whose focus has led to meaningful impact where it matters most.

This past August, our Lake Jackson home became a canvas for change, as the dedicated intern team from Steampunk stepped up to the plate. The incredible before-&-after transformation can be witnessed in the captivating video linked below, showcasing the power of community in action.

With a spirit of volunteerism, this group of 15 volunteers worked their magic, completely revitalizing the interior of the property with a thorough cleaning & a fresh coat of paint. Their enthusiasm for our mission was awesome to witness, & we're super grateful for the strong connection we’ve made. At the end of the project, the Steampunk Team awarded CRi $5,000 to support our mission. We were shocked to receive such an amazing gift. It's heartwarming to witness the alignment of passion for positive change.

As we reflect on this project, we are excited for the future. The synergy we share with Steampunk holds great promise, & we're eager to explore new avenues where our efforts can bring about even more significant transformations.

A heartfelt shout-out is due to Steampunk for their selflessness & steadfast dedication to our local community. Your commitment resonates deeply & your impact is immeasurable. We appreciate the day we spent together, making strides toward a brighter future for those we serve & support.

To the team at Steampunk, we extend our sincerest thanks for your partnership, your spirit, & your belief in the power of collaboration. Together, we rock, & together, we create lasting change.

For an inspiring glimpse into our collaborative efforts, please take a moment to watch the video linked below. Witness the journey from "before" to "after," & experience the transformation for yourselves.

Watch the Video HERE

 Thank you for being an essential part of our CRi family. Your continued support & engagement are what keep us moving forward each & every day.

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