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CRi Announces Participation in The Black Executive Leadership Program

CRi & The Black Executive Leadership Program is delighted to announce the successful completion of its Spring 2023 cohort.

Over the past three months, participants from various private sector organizations have actively engaged in the program, showcasing their unwavering dedication to personal and professional growth.

Participants from CRi include: Sheandar Peterkin, Bernice Meanchop, Bright Fleku, & Jeroline Fai. We are so proud of each & every of these members of Team CRi for their dedication to their craft & the people they support.

Throughout the program, participants took part in a series of engaging sessions, including workshops, peer board discussions, and plenary sessions. As part of the program's commitment to recognizing participants' achievements, eligible individuals will receive digital badges in collaboration with Credly, a leading digital credential platform.

To qualify for these prestigious digital badges, participants had to meet specific criteria, including attending either the Kickoff Plenary or the Closing Celebration Plenary, participating in two out of the three workshops, and engaging in two out of the three peer board discussions. This rigorous criteria highlights the dedication and active involvement of each participant.

"We are thrilled to celebrate the accomplishments of our March 2023 cohort participants," said Justin Zakia, President & CEO of CRi. "Their enthusiasm and active participation have helped to make them stronger leaders, fostering an environment of growth and collaboration."

The digital badges, which will be administered through Credly, will be received by eligible participants via email in the coming weeks. This achievement can be shared proudly on professional platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter, allowing participants to showcase their commitment to leadership development within the Black community.

CRi extends its gratitude to all participating individuals for their support and contribution to the success of this cohort. CRi & The Black Executive Leadership Program remain dually dedicated to empowering Black professionals and fostering their leadership skills.

For more information on The Black Executive Leadership Program, click here.

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