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CRi is dedicated to providing personalized resources to people with mental health needs and/or developmental disabilities.

SummerFest is June 8, 2024!

SUMMERFEST REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! As an organization dedicated to supporting adults with disabilities, we understand the importance of creating spaces where everyone feels valued, included, & empowered. SummerFest is not just an event; it's a testament to our dedication to fostering a world where diversity is celebrated & accessibility is a priority. What sets SummerFest apart is our unique focus on highlighting inclusion & celebrating all abilities. This isn't just another festival—it's a gathering where individuals of every background come together to share in the joy of community, connection, & fun. Join us!

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Who We Are

Dedicated to providing caring resources needed to live their best lives, CRi believes people can make choices on their own & live independent, full, & meaningful lives. Since 1975, CRi has been relentlessly focused on what’s possible. By investing the respect, time & effort, CRi finds positive ways to meet the needs of the people in local communities.

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What We Do

CRi is transforming how at-risk youth & people with developmental disabilities or mental health needs live, work & play. Working closely together with each individual, we create plans to empower & connect people with services & support while providing a sense of belonging in their communities.

Personalized Plans at CRi

How can CRi Help?

Developmental Disabilities Services

CRi provides a wide-range of supports for individuals with developmental disabilities (DD) throughout Northern Virginia & in the Richmond area.

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Mental Health Services

CRi provides a full complement of evidence-based mental health services with a goal of recovery for people with mental health needs.

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Youth Services

CRi provides independent living support through housing to at-risk youth who are homeless, precariously-housed &/or aging out of foster care.

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Embracing Challenges

COVID-19 challenged the disability support community, & the world, in ways no one could have imagined. Social isolation, program closures, health & safety concerns, staffing shortages, & policy changes are just a few examples of the pandemic's impact on an industry that already works harder than many to support some of the region's most vulnerable populations.

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“RBK voluntarily entered into the LIFT program having been homeless and living in a shelter for several months. She entered LIFT with goals of continuing her education, obtaining consistent employment and enlisting in the military. During one of her quarterly assessments, RBK articulated an additional personal goal of becoming a lifeguard. When her LIFT case manager discussed with her the steps needed to help her bring the goal to fruition, RBK vacillated between uncertainty and fear. RBK benefitted from a workshop hosted by LIFT in which a professional vocational coach gave tips on determining areas of employment based upon individual skills/interests and how to keep that job once obtained. It was during this meeting that RBK publicly acknowledged her desire to be a lifeguard. RBK admitted to not being the most confident swimmer and knew she would need to increase her confidence in the water. RBK and LIFT staff began helping RBK map out the steps needed to reach her personal goal of earning her lifeguard certification. As the first step, RBK was referred to a local training facility. LIFT staff provided directions on how to take public transportation and travel independently. Throughout the training process, staff maintained consistent encouragement and assurance as RBK offered a lot of nervous excuses for not being able to accomplish the goal. LIFT staff helped RBK learn about the required classes, fees and turn- around time. RBK independently visited the facility and enrolled herself in the course. Within two weeks, she completed the coursework and obtained employment as a weekend lifeguard in an apartment complex. She has been thrilled with her success and is very happy to have completed a personal goal. This success has laid a foundation for further accomplishments in her life.”

- LIFT Participant


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News from CRi

05.07.24 50 year anniversary, anniversary, 50, #50more
CRi to Celebrate 50 Year Anniversary in 2025

For nearly five decades, CRi has been dedicated to providing essential support and services to adults with disabilities and mental health needs across Northern Virginia, Greater Richmond, and Maryland.

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Referrals & Admissions

Thank you for your interest in CRi’s supports. Our admission team works to make the referrals & admissions process as streamlined as possible for people in need of support. Referral sources include case managers, physicians, insurance companies, &/or family members.

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We LOVE Volunteers! Volunteers are essential in helping CRi provide diverse opportunities for community engagement for both the people we support & our friends & neighbors. Volunteer opportunities may include special event support, committee involvement, property maintenance, office support, & more.



Philanthropic support is critical to helping people with disabilities live their best life. With public funding at significant risk, we are dependent upon private contributions to give vulnerable people the life they deserve. Your generous gift will go to providing immediate supports for people in the local community.

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