In-Home Services virginia

Let our experienced & compassionate teams deliver personalized & professional quality of care where it matters the most.

Why CRi?

For people with disabilities, in-home support services care can be a critical & impactful part of life. At CRi, we want you or your loved one to be able to optimize current skills & deliver the added supports necessary for each person to live as independently as possible.

In-home services are typically provided in a private residence & are supplemental to the primary care provided by the individual, caregiver, or the parents (as defined by Medicaid). We are proud to bring quality in-home care to families in our region & look forward to meeting you.

In addition to family home care, in-home support services should enable each person to improve or maintain his or her health/medical status, live at home in the community, improve abilities & living skills, & demonstrate safe, appropriate behavior to the fullest possible extent. 

We are proud to deliver quality in-home support services on an individualized basis. Please note that in-home support typically lasts less than a continuous 24-hours & will be provided according to each individual plan. In-home support services are delivered primarily with a 1:1 staff to individual ratio, except when training protocols require parallel or interactive intervention.

Our Quality Support Services Include: 

✅ Skill-Building Support - Support related to personal care activities such as (but not limited to) toileting, bathing, grooming, dressing, eating, mobility, communication, household chores, food preparation, money management, shopping, etc.

✅  Behavior Support - Support for each person in developing the ability to replace challenging behavior with positive, accepted behavior for home & community environments. Examples include developing a circle of friends, handling & growing through social encounters, & redirecting challenging behavior.

✅ General Health Support - Support with monitoring health & physical conditions while providing support services.

✅  Personal Care & Community Support - Delivering support associated with personal care, ADLs, & use of community resources. This could include completing personal care or mealtime tasks when physically unable to do so & completing tasks such as laundry, meal preparation, using the bank, or other tasks essential to health & welfare.

✅  Safety Support - Individualized supports to help ensure each person's welfare & safety.

What to Expect During Service Delivery

  • Professional staff behavior
  • One-on-one (1:1) Support for each person supported, with no other assigned responsibilities
  • Completed documentation (staff will spend the last 15 minutes of each service documenting in Credible)
  • Verification of service delivery with individual/guardian signature
  • Home will be respected, & maintained as it was found
  • Staff will bring their own meals

👉🏽 To learn more, download our In-Home Supports Program Information Form HERE!

Service Options

In-home supports are available for no-less than 4 hour time blocks, 7 days a week. For example: 7am - 11am or 4pm - 9pm. Specific timeframes/hours of service will be determined on a case by case basis. 

Make a Referral

👉🏽 Please mail all paperwork with supporting documents attached to CRi, Attn: Lisa Jackson-Wardlaw, Director of Admissions & Social Work, 14160 Newbrook Drive, Chantilly, VA 20151.  

You can also contact CRi Admissions by requesting a secure email here, calling the Admissions Office at (703) 842-2312, or faxing (703) 842-2341.