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CRi Program Manager Wins National Association of QIDPs Spotlight Award

Laetitia Senjo Wins Prestigious Award for Work During Pandemic

CRi Program Manager, Laetitia Senjo, is the June 2021 National Association of QIDPs Spotlight Award Winner

{Nominated by Marsha Smith}

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"Laetitia impacts the individuals of our program every day by ensuring their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met with compassion and dignity. Laetitia started at the program as a Lead QIDP. She exemplified the qualities of a true leader by not only stepping in as acting program manager, but also stepping in when needed to support staff on the floor, work odd hours to cover shifts, and find innovative ways to address challenges the program faced. 

Once promoted to program manager, she continued to put structure in place to maximize staff potential and growth. She oversaw the improvement of documentation collection and ISP goal completion. 

 During the pandemic, Laetitia rallied staff at the program to cover open shifts internally. She made sure to make the newest and most accurate COVID information available to staff, and implemented all relevant COVID protocols at the program. 

Lastly, she secured donated masks at the beginning of the pandemic to ensure staff had face coverings to use until medical grade masks became available. In part to her and staff efforts, the program remained COVID free during the pandemic. 

Last but not least, she made sure that individuals thrived during the pandemic by utilizing virtual programming, video calling loved ones, and increasing participation in recreational activities at the home.

NAQ would like to sincerely thank Laetitia for fulfilling all of the needs and wants of the individuals she works with! Your outstanding efforts have not gone unnoticed."  

Article written by & originally published at

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