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Kids Give Back Supports CRi

It's with immense pleasure that we extend a special shout-out to a group of individuals who truly embody the spirit of philanthropy – Kids Give Back!

At CRi, our journey is paved with the goal of supporting & enhancing the lives of the individuals we care for. We're overjoyed to express our sincere thanks to the team at Kids Give Back for their generous donation of sensory bins. These invaluable resources are set to make an impact on the lives of the adults we are dedicated to supporting.

The magic of these sensory bins lies not only in their contents but also in the thoughtful intent with which they were created. The devotion, care, & understanding that the Kids Give Back team put into crafting the bins is a testament to their dedication to inclusivity & accessibility. Through this project, they have shown us that acts of kindness have the power to create therapeutic experiences, enriching the lives of those in our community.

Every day, our mission revolves around empowering individuals to live life on their own terms, & the contribution from Kids Give Back is poised to help us do just that. Their support reaches far beyond material donation; it's a message of hope, a ray of light, & a promise of a better tomorrow for adults with disabilities & mental health needs.

Kids Give Back serves as an inspiring reminder that when we come together, positive change is not just possible – it's inevitable. To the individuals behind this organization, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your exceptional kindness & dedication to making the local community.

To our supporters & followers, we invite you to take a moment to discover more about the incredible work being done by Kids Give Back. Their impact is tangible, their influence is far-reaching. Together, hand in hand, we can continue to create a world where compassion, generosity, & inclusivity thrive.

For more information about Kids Give Back visit their website here. CRi & our ongoing efforts, please visit our website at Your continued support & engagement drive us forward in our mission -- Thank you.

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