Give a Latte ☕


By donating as little as $5 & encouraging friends & family to do the same, you will directly support people with disabilities & mental health needs at CRi.

CRi is proud to be a part of an exciting fall tradition: The Give a Latte Campaign. Together, we can show that donations as little as $5 (the price of the average latte) can make a huge impact on people who need it most. 

 What’s a cup of coffee or a latte mean to you? A quick pick me up? A hug in a mug? At CRi, we think of connection & comfort with close friends & supporters! We think a good cup of coffee can soothe the soul & help us celebrate small victories as we face the challenges that life brings our way.

We all have challenges (especially recently!), & sometimes that little support can be the boost to keep us moving forward. That’s why we invite you to join our Give-a-Latte Campaign!

You can choose to donate the amount of a latte once, once a month, a latte a week, or whatever works for you! The steady sharing of a little each month can keep us moving forward to serve people in our community with developmental disabilities & mental health needs. The steady sharing of a little each month allows us to focus on serving our community.

We’re grateful for whatever level works for you! It doesn’t need to be a LOT…just a latte!

Give-a-Latte HERE ☕

Thanks for your on-going support to our mission! 


Team CRi