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ArtWorks, CRi’s therapeutic art program, provides a structured setting offering individuals with mental illness & developmental disabilities the opportunity to learn new skills & explore their creative talents through various art media.


ArtWorks provides a supportive atmosphere where adults with a wide range of disabilities can learn skills through art, promoting recovery and independence.

About ArtWorks

ArtWorks supports adults with mental health diagnoses and/or other developmental disabilities throughout Northern Virginia. The program provides community-based mental health support with a focus on skill-building and psycho-education through art. ArtWorks promotes expression, empowerment, and socialization, and fosters individual strengths and resources offering the supports necessary to address individual recovery goals without the stigma of a mental illness diagnosis. 

Participants expand creative talents by exploring a wide variety of media including painting, fused glass, fiber arts, printmaking, sculpture, knitting, and card making. Artists are also offered opportunities to develop marketing skills through exhibitions and sales within the community. For each piece of artwork sold, the artist earns 50% of the proceeds, with the remainder returning to the program to fund supplies and marketing. This approach provides participants the opportunity to be recognized for their abilities, make a profit, and most importantly helps to develop a sense of self.

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Amy has a deep love and devotion to cats. She has two of her own. When in the studio, she enjoys drawing her own creation, Fred the cat & making various greeting cards (Happy Birthday, Just For You, Feel Better Soon, etc.). Thinking of new designs and drawing Fred brings her a lot of joy. Check out some of Amy's art on our ArtWorks Etsy Shop, below!

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"Learning to deal with stress in difficult moments has been a challenge. It’s been a long road. I’m amazed at where I am now. CRi has been simply wonderful. I got so much help learning to live independently. Today I feel very independent, confident & more self-assured than I have been in awhile."

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ArtWorks has numerous opportunities to work directly with the artists to foster individual choice, self-expression, empowerment, & growth through artistic activities. There are numerous ways to get involved with ArtWorks! Join us, today!

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ArtWorks is funded through generous private donations from community members. If you would like to make a donation, please click below. Your gift will go directly to making an immediate impact in the ArtWorks program.

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